The company was founded in 1978.
Two men wanted to take up the challenge, and they succeeded. Jacques Thevenet, the father, and Daniel Thevenet, the son, showed the strength, courage and tenacity to build and develop the company over the years, while always remaining coherent and dynamic.

They soon gained strength in their structure, and more contracts and new hires were quick to follow. It soon became clear that the company absolutely needed its own design office in order to properly manage an activity that was becoming technically more and more complex.

Respect for the environment

The company has also adopted a number of simple initiatives to protect the environment and introduced a sustainable development policy in 2006.

THEVENET SA recycles its light bulbs, cleans up its sites and sends its waste to organisations capable of recycling and destroying polluting waste.
The company currently employs more than 35 people and is active in every branch of the construction industry.

As part of its drive towards diversity, in 2013, THEVENET SA joined the highly exclusive Synerpa, the French National Syndicate of Private Establishments and Residences for the Aged.

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